What is CBCT?
Cone beam computed tomography is a technology specifically utilized for imaging the head, neck and jaws. Emitting cone-shaped x-rays, the scanner rotates around the patient’s head to capture a volume of high-resolution images. Digital files can be imported into 3-D viewing software such that the volume can be manipulated and examined in-depth from any view or angle desired. Axial, coronal and sagittal views can be viewed in life size so that accurate measurements can be taken. By adjusting the slice thickness of the images, critical anatomy such as nerve canals can be brought into focus, removing the uncertainty doctors often face when viewing traditional panoramic x-rays. As a result, doctors can make more informed decisions when developing a patient’s treatment plan. With more accurate information and less uncertainty, doctors who utilize cone beam technology can elevate their care to a higher standard.

Some of the applications of CBCT include: implant planning, oral surgery, orthodontic planning, TAD placement, cephalometric analysis, TMJ analysis, airway studies, pathology, impacted teeth and endodontic anomalies. Depending on the application, we offer large, medium and small field of view CBCT imaging.

Digital scans can be duplicated as needed. All digital images and diagnostic reports are backed up and available for download by the referring Doctor from secure servers from any web browser.

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